The Fight To Save Siskiyou County

Nov 6, 2011
Uploaded to YouTube by SilentNoMorePubs

Do you drink, eat, drive, have a roof over your head, wear jewelry, or use a computer? Then this story affects you. Siskiyou County is ground zero in the battle to defend our food, water, energy, construction materials, metals, and minerals against Big Government's multi-faceted and ever-increasing assault that will, if not stopped, ultimately destroy our nation's real National Treasury - our land, natural resources, and the hard-working farmers, ranchers, lumbermen, and miners that are their true stewards - and end our sovereignty, security, and self-reliance. The situation is far worse than most Americans realize. Mainstream media and government conspire to keep these truths from us. So watch now as the people of Siskiyou County give their first-hand accounts of what is truly at risk. This documentary was premiered on October 22, 2011 in Yreka, California along with the eight sheriffs that stood tall to defend the Constitution.